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Kenyan supreme court nullifies elections: Uhuru, you got served!

Photo: Daily South and East African Tourism Update

Kenya is currently on every news headline given this rather historic moment, where we saw the Supreme Court choosing to uphold democracy rather than turning a blind eye or rather conforming to international pressure. The national elections that happened on August 8, where said to be flawed resulting in a lot of chaos and difference of opinion on whether the current President, Uhuru Kenyatta won at the polls fairly. (more…)

TANZANIA: Culture v Women’s Rights

Photo source: Africa Speaks 4 Africa

I went to Tanzania for 8 weeks on a community development project, and during that time I found myself falling in love with the country, it has become my second home. A place I could always go back to. Everyone around me knows that I want to go back and work in Tanzania one day especially under the UN: Women or any other organisation working towards empowering women.
Society in Tanzania is highly patriarchal, males in that country are deemed as superior while females are seen as inferior & weak. (more…)

Botswana’s failure to provide ARV’s to foreign inmates

In an ongoing court battle between foreign prisoners and the Botswana Government where foreign inmates want to be provided with free antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) which the Government of the Republic of Botswana is opposing has raised a lot of Human Rights Issues. Research around the Southern African region has shown that Botswana is the only country that does not provide ARVs to foreign prisoners.