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TANZANIA: Culture v Women’s Rights

Photo source: Africa Speaks 4 Africa

I went to Tanzania for 8 weeks on a community development project, and during that time I found myself falling in love with the country, it has become my second home. A place I could always go back to. Everyone around me knows that I want to go back and work in Tanzania one day especially under the UN: Women or any other organisation working towards empowering women.
Society in Tanzania is highly patriarchal, males in that country are deemed as superior while females are seen as inferior & weak. (more…)

My Interview on Phenomenal African Woman Magazine

PAW stands for Phenomenal African Women, It is a foundation which aims to Inspire, Celebrate and Empower African women who are making an impact in their communities. They feature female change makers from all over the continent. I was privileged enough to be approached by them to be featured on their online magazine. (more…)

Maiden’s bursary: Another example of how patriarchal societies aim to control women’s bodies

The maiden bursary in South Africa was created by the municipality in a certain district. This bursary program funds studies for young women but here is the catch, these young women have to prove they are virgins and remain virgins for the entire duration that they are in the program or else they will be kicked out.